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Dulob Innovations AB - a privately held company has developed a new patented engine that can help solve many environmental problems and revolutionize the world energy market.


Dulob has since 2010 been working on the development of an environmentally unique engine, from idea to proof of concept (poc). The poc has exceptional theoretical environmental values and the measurements we have received so far confirms the theory. The result is an eco-smart and robust engine suitable for many purposes. Dulob focuses on microCHP (Combined Heat & Power) where the engine delivers 2 kW power and 4 kW heat but can also be used in the automotive industry (transport sector) and as a power source for electricity using methane gas possibly including low grade methane. The engine can be scaled up to different power requirements as necessary. Dulob offer a unique investment opportunity for financially strong shareholders with long-term ambitions.


The goal is to produce an engine that shall:

         Conquer the CHP market

         Contribute radically to climatic improvements

         Attract a global market


The biggest challenge facing the world is climate change. Carbon dioxide, methane, and particulate emissions affect Earth and humanity extremely negative. It is not sufficient with solar cells and wind power which reduces climate change. A new technology is urgently needed to reverses greenhouse gases. Dulobs Engine offers such an opportunity.


The uniqueness of Dulobs Engine include:

        completely new patented principle entailing, among other things, a unique crankshaft mechanism that eliminates all side forces on the piston.

        theoretically thermal efficiency is close to 60% and can give a total shaft efficiency between 30-50%, compared with diesel engines 35-40% and Stirling engines 20-25%.

        do not emit NOx and particulates or other dangerous gases.

        working under significantly lower temperature and pressure than other comparable      engines which can result in a life span expectancy upwards of 10 years under continuous operation. Life span is a significant parameter in order to reach a huge global market.

        is suitable to be driven by most gases including Bio methane

        can be powered by gas from simple bio-digester installations and is therefore also good in developing countries with primitive conditions.



Market potential for CHP

An Engine that provides 2 kW power is estimated to cost approximately 2 000 SEK in a large series production. A smaller number of parts in the engine enable the engine to be built with quality for this amount.


The potential is estimated to be very large as the Engine may be the biggest revolution in energy supply to appear in the near term future. The global market is estimated to be several hundred million units, of which Dulob Engine have the opportunity to take a significant share.


We see Germany, England, France, the United States, Russia and China as our priority markets. Germany alone has announced a need for 16 M units when the country now must leave coal as fuel. But also other emerging countries are interesting i.e. India.


No competitor offers anything similar.


Reasons to offer


The current owners have the desire to invite strong shareholders who can help with both capital and expertise to take the opportunity to the next level where completion of a commercial product and a global launch is the aim.

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Bengt Ovelius

Jan Lundgren, CEO

Gert Westergren, Chairman